Thursday, March 20, 2008


No Festival or Concert would ever survive without the legandary fanzines or magazines.
For several years now you could have read about our festival in various fanzines and magazines. Not only the "big ones" have written about the Metal Forces Festivals, but also the "small and cult gazettes" (fanzines) have made their utmost to present us. With most of them we are in contactand we do really like their style and do appreciate their effort in making it special and unique. That is why we decided to set up a FANZINE CONVENTION at METAL FORCES FESTIVAL this year.

Every style of fanzine, magazine or "paper" - no matter if in hand-writing ;), copied or just drawn is welcomed at our festival. We do appreciate fanzines from Germany, Switzerland, France and the rest of Europe (or even oversea?). If you are not able to be at our festival in person, you could also send us your stuff by mail. Please get in touch with us beforehand.
We think that everyone who is collecting this type of paper or everyone who is a lover of reading this type of fanzine would get their money worth at this Fanzine Convention.Most of those fanzine are still very famous in the Metal scene underground and we do think that they should not die off or not to be forgotten. Soon you will see online which fanzine will be shown at the festival.

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